Press of Microphonics: 1995 thru 2002

Microphonics Enters A.S.A. Racing Series: 2002
General Motors Corporation contracted with Jimmy Gayle of Microphonics to develop a system to level the playing field at the popular A.S.A. Racing Series. Mr. Gayle’s company specializes in ultrasound, leak detection testing systems.
Microphonics Collaborates with Active Xtreme: 2002
Jimmy Gayle of Microphonics works with Active Extreme to develop and test a noise reduction prototype and implement within a helmet for the General Motors Corvette Racing Team.
Microphonics Granted Trade Mark: December 12, 2001
Jimmy Gayle is granted the trademark for Microphonics. He developed the ultrasound, leak detection system, in a hand-held testing device used in the auto industry.
Microphonics and Ultraphonics Secure Deal in Japan: 2000
Microphonics and Ultraphonics of North America, Inc. travel to Japan and sign agreement with Toyota Tsusho to distribute hand-held, ultrasound leak detection devices, known as Model 111R and A07, into Japan’s auto industry.
Microphonics of New York, Inc. Makes Appearance In NASCAR: 2000
Microphonics sponsors NASCAR Exide driver Jeff Burton. Microphonics is the leading company dedicated to providing ultrasound, leak detection systems.
Microphonics Qualifies #11 at Indy 500: 1999
Microphonics sponsored an Indy racecar and it qualified in a number 11 spot. Jimmy Gayle of Microphonics financed the car for a year, enabling the team to enter all Indy races.
Microphonics of Tennessee, Inc. to the Big Apple: 1998
Microphonics of New York, Inc. acquires Microphonics of Tennessee in a stock swap deal.
Microphonics A07 to Auto Dealers of the Big Three: 1996
Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler dealer networks purchased Mircrophonics hand-held, ultrasound, leak detection device. The technology enables technicians the ability to locate leaks within engine operating systems.
Microphonics to the Olympics: 1996
Jimmy Gayle of Microphonics, Incorporated began travel in Oslo, Norway as he sponsored and provided equipment to the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team to improve their racing performance. Mr. Gayle also provided the Olympic Judging Panel with equipment to test and determine that all racing teams are performing at the same level.
Microphonics Manufacture Government Technology: 1995
Jimmy Gayle and the Microphonics design team manufactured the A07, a hand-held unit that detects leaks in automotive engine compartments, for the auto industry’s government driven IM 240 project.


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The CARGATE, leak detection system provides automobile manufacturers with an easy to use, non-invasive and cost effective method of testing automobiles for seal leaks, while simultaneously providing the manufacturer with comprehensive reporting and data analysis tools.

The Microphonics Automotive Diagnostic System, is a hand-held precision test device designed to allow professional mechanics the ability to quickly and easily detect and diagnose various automotive related operating problems.

The Ultraphonic Detector, is a hand-held precision test device designed for industrial use. It can be used to detect leaks, mechanical malfunctions and certain electrical problems in a variety of operating systems.